The 18th Annual North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival Starts in Sequim October 6, 2023

The 18th Annual North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival continues including the fiber arts exhibition “Spinning Sewn Stories – Promulgate, Piece, & Ply” at the Sequim Museum & Arts at 544 N Sequim Avenue October 6 through November 25, 2023.

During the First Friday Art Walk Sequim reception from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, many fiber artists and fiber arts advocates will be demonstrating their passion and artistry. The 2023 fiber arts exhibition artists include Lora Armstrong, Lynn Baritelle, Renne Emiko Brock, Sam Chonko, Liisa Fagerlund, Cary Bryer Fallert-Gentry, MarySue French, Lynn Gilles, Jennifer Harris, Estelle Jackson, Debra E. Olson, Sharle Osborne, Marla Varner, and Jean Wyatt.

“Spinning Sewn Stories – Promulgate, Piece, & Ply” is a juried fiber arts exhibition that includes the creative and pluck feats of artistic declarations that persevere over challenges and leap beyond barriers to be produced and shared. These crafty and cunning creations tempt fate and fortune to be made and demonstrate how the artist will not be deterred and knows no limits. Fiber artworks of reinforced tales and yarns are spun from momentous consequences, family ties, and patched experiences. The choices artists make, the colors, patterns, topics, and materials, are part of the destiny they design for themselves while outwardly influencing hearts and minds asserting their unique artistic message and championing imaginative expression.

About the North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival:

The North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival celebrates its 18th year which always starts the first full weekend in October in Sequim and various events and locations throughout autumn. The North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival is an opportunity to experience positive inclusion, creative expression, and the economic enterprise of art. Always encouraging genuine growth and artistic integrity, most activities are free to the public and all forms of fiber art are welcome. Join us for this interactive fiber arts event throughout autumn connecting to the community with activities like a museum exhibition, Fiber Arts Market of local artists’ work, and educational demonstrations of fiber processes. Excellent volunteers make this community event possible including several local fiber arts groups, artists, fiber friendly businesses, and educational organizations. We are grateful for their fostering natures and fiber arts talents.

North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival Event Dates:

The “Spinning Sewn Stories – Promulgate, Piece, & Ply” exhibition is a component of the 18th Annual North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival starting Oct 6-8, 2023 at the Sequim Museum & Arts location at 544 N Sequim Ave, Sequim WA 98382. The festival includes the First Friday Art Walk Sequim on October 6, 5:00 – 8:00 PM with fiber arts demonstrations and on Saturday, October 7, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM with an exhibition opening reception 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. On November 3 during the First Friday Art Walk Sequim and on November 25 for Small Business Saturday Fiber Arts Market, engage and support local fiber artists. Many autumn fiber arts events and exhibitions happen throughout the months of September, October, and November on the Olympic Peninsula that are partnerships with the North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival.